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Zwischen karolingischer und ottonisch-salischer Pfalz (Foto: LWL/Noltenhans)


Here you will find the current and upcoming events and special exhibitions of the LWL Museum in the Kaiserpfalz.


Your help is needed...

From May 2025 to February 2026, the LWL Museum in the Kaiserpfalz will be hosting a major anniversary exhibition to mark the first naming of the Westphalians in the year 775, because the Westphalians and Westphalia have been spoken of for 1250 years. Westphalia has only been an independent political entity and a clearly defined region since 1815 - but what happened before that? With small and large archaeological and cultural-historical highlights, we trace the history of the region, which has shifted again and again, important Westphalians and the image of Westphalia through time.

All we need now is an exhibition title. Do you have an idea?

Send your ideas to or write to us on Instagram or Facebook. We are excited!

(Illustration: Annales regni Francorum, ÖNB, Cod. 473)


Brand new at the LWL Museum in the Kaiserpfalz!

A number of workshops have been developed for the special exhibitions in the museum over the last few years. Due to the high demand, we now offer selected workshops for children and adults, which you can book at any time. Whether it's a birthday party, a company outing or a weekend leisure program - with us you can learn the crafts of the Middle Ages in the 21st century.

Event calendar (german)

You can also read about the museum's range of events, guided tours and workshops at any time in the half-yearly flyer. You can find this at the ticket desk, at local information points or as a PDF for download.